Lumber log from trusted companies

STRONHAR LLC buys logs from trusted companies from the Republic of Khakassia, the Republic of Tyva, we also buy Angarsk pine and larch from the Irkutsk region.
500 m³ of timber in the round per month

The leading suppliers of raw materials are appeared and located on the territory of the Evenki Municipal District of the Baykitskoye Lesnichestvo State Budgetary Institution, the Boguchansky District KGBU of the Teryanskoye, Gremuchinskoye, Khrebtovskoye Lesnichestvo, the Kezhemsky Municipal District of the KGBU Kodinskoye Lesnichestvo.
80% larch
20% pine

The species composition of the forest is 80% larch, 20% pine. A tree grown in harsh temperature conditions acquires a greater density. Due to the special composition of the thus, it gains strength over time. Its important property is its natural resistance to decay. The purchased lumber log has absolutely healthy wood.
Modern harvester combines

Modern high-class harvester combines Caterpillar, Ponsse, EcoLog, Komatsu operate on the territory. Delivery of logs to the sawing complex is carried out by road transport and rafting on the Angara River. It allows us to supply high-quality timber suitable for sawing to the enterprise all year round and without interruption.
Factory delivery
Wood raw materials are delivered to the factory by road. It allows the log to be kept in excellent quality before sawing.
Sorting by diameter
After delivery, the logs are sorted by diameter from 18 to 45
Forest Thinners
Forest thinners is used for the production of converted timber and is sold to the domestic market.
Diameter from 28 to 45
The diameter from 28 to 45 is used for the production of converted timber, and the next stage is the finished wood trim.
You can get more information about the products of the company Stronhar in the catalog
Production location map, from where we deliver lumber logs
The lumber logs are first sorted, then the Poplar-450 disk based (8 saws) is sent to the sawing line for preparing the carriage, and after preparing the carriage, than it is sent to the Akula 2m stock gang — a multi-saw disk based, 2-shaft machine.
Cutting depth is 200 mm

The lumber recovery from the supplied lumber log is 50−53%
For the production of wood trim, a machine is used — a 4-sided, 6-pindle machine MBQ 616. This machine allows to produce wood trim with dimensions in thickness from 21 mm to 45 mm, in width from 68 mm to 180 mm.
We can produce plank, planed bar, planed timber, decking and deck plank and much more.
After sawing, fresh sawn timber is pre-sorted. Our specialists sort the lumber, which does not meet the requirements, it is stored and then used for heating the premises.

When the product is ready in bulk of 60 m³ or 150 m³, we order a desiccating service from our partner.

Larch dries about 2.5 weeks to a moisture content of 16% (± 2%)

Spruce fir / Pine dries about 5−7 days to moisture 16% (± 2%)

In hot-air chambers, moisture is removed from the wood by evaporation. Moisture evaporation takes place in 2 convection-type hot-air chambers with a capacity of 60 to 150 m3. The bulk of one-time loading is 210m3 m3. The drying temperature is selected for a certain type of lumber and its further purpose.
The drying process is checked by dTouch controllers, which recognize the state of the material and select the appropriate drying program for wood trim 16% + - 2. The hot-air chambers improve the quality of the lumber, give the wood its durability and strength.

After desiccating, the wood boards are re-sorted on the line of the Finnish brand Jartek (Jartek Invest Oy). Automatic determination of the species, cross-cutting and quality of sawn timber is carried out by the cant scanner, as well as by the RuScan scanner of the Avtomatika-Vector company. The products are sorted according to GOST 26 002−83 and GOST 8486−86. In addition to it, an automatic moisture-meter is installed on the line.
After desiccating and sorting, a package of lumber is packed in a protective film, which allows you to maintain the quality of the goods during transportation. A label is attached to the package, which indicates the type of lumber, grade, cross-cutting, quantity, as well as the volume of the package.

Transportation of final products to buyers is carried out mainly by road transport 20T and 21.5t, which guarantees that the buyer will receive the goods in the form in which they left production. The final package of sawn timber is packed in foil and marked in accordance with the terms of the contract. Usually the type of lumber, quantity is indicated.

We can also send by gondola car and wagon, and also loading into a 40'HS container
Supply of sawn timber depending on the volume of the company’s final products per month in bulk of 500 m³

We manufacture products from environmentally friendly raw materials — Angara larch / pine and Siberian larch / Siberian pine and Spruce fir

And we deliver by wagons and by road

  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Italy
Pine / Spruce fir:
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Vietnam
  • Countries of the Persian Gulf


  • Logging
  • Lumber log at the place of production
  • Lumber production department
  • Sorting
  • Desiccatinng of sawn wood
  • Packaging and transportation
  • Siberian Larch
  • Larch Angara
  • Softwood
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