Pine (moisture 18%). Board

Pine wood is quite strong and resistant to bending. It is easy to cut and otherwise finishing. Due to its qualities, it is often used in the timber manufacturing and building industries.
As a building material and material for building structures, pine is used for both internal and external construction work. It is used for roof structures, finishes, railings, stairs, wall frames, floors, ceilings, windows and other details.

The hardware capabilities make it possible to ensure the required quality in accordance with the standards GOST 8486−86 and GOST 26 002−83 "Coniferous sawn timber" and "Northern graded coniferous sawn timber supplied for export". Sizes of scab timber in width, thickness and length can vary at the request of the consumer

Correspondence table of species

Drawbacks permissible for each type of wood trim and furniture boards according to TS Stronhar LLC
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