Sliced larch bar. Siberian larch

The content of natural resins protects the products from rotting and fungus. The country of production is Russia.
— The length of the bar is 2/3/4 m.
— An array of larch of Russian origin was used for the manufacture.
— The surface is planed, smooth, there are small knots.
— The material is easily sawn and milled, suitable for processing with impregnation, staining, varnishing or coloring.

Care recommendations: Larch contains many thus and perfectly resists any external factors, however, if the larch was installed without oil impregnation, then the surface color will gradually turn gray over time under the influence of ultraviolet emission. For protection from exposure to direct sunlight, use a special wood oil or tinted and pigmented wood oils.

The hardware capabilities make it possible to ensure the required quality in accordance with the standards GOST 8486−86 and GOST 26 002−83 "Coniferous sawn timber" and "Northern graded coniferous sawn timber supplied for export". Sizes of scab timber in width, thickness and length can vary at the request of the consumer

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